How long does it take for Cartilage Grafts to heal in primary rhinoplasty? (photo)

Im 10.5 month post op. My new tip seems getting more bulbous after each month. I would tape my nose every night before I go to bed because if I dont- I wake up with my tip looking bigger and the bridge looking more flat. However the area that feels the most swollen is just above the tip and just below the bridge bone-(look at photo) where I believe is where the Cartilage Grafts is. I this still making my nose more bigger? I have thick oily skin and I go to the gym 4-5 times a week

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Swelling after rhinoplasty

The nose may be swollen for 12-18 months after rhinoplasty.  Having said that, however, there are times when unwanted scar tissue can build up in the nose and one of the most common areas is above the tip.  This can be treated with steroid injections to help minimize the inflammation that leads to the scar tissue.  These injections may need to be performed a few times, but are very effective in most cases.  You should definitely speak to your rhinoplasty surgeon to discuss this issue.

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Nasal Tip Swelling Post Rhinoplasty

Based on pictures alone, your nasal tip looks much better than it did pre-operatively. Consult your surgeon and trust the advice.

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