How Long Does It Take for Breasts to Look Even After Breast Implants?

I am almost 5 1/2 weeks postop Breast Augmentation with a lift. I had 440 cc implants placed under the muscle. My left breast had more swelling, pain and bruising right after surgery. The swelling in my left breast has come down but still looks bigger than my right. I had my one month follow up appt with my surgeon and he thinks I'm healing great. He thinks that my left breast swelling will continue to go down and even out with my right breast by 3 months. Is this a realistic expectation ?

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Breast augmentation recovery

It normally takes at least 2-3 months for the implants to settle down in their pocket.  When more work was done (i.e. breast lift), it may take longer to obtain the final result.  It is difficult to have the patience after the surgery.  You should listen to your plastic surgeon unless you had a reason not to.  Please remember that each breast heals at different rate; breasts are always a little asymmetric before and after surgery.  

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