How Long Does It Take for Breast Reduction to Completely Heal?

had a BR 4 months ago. in recovery room had 2 hematomas develop on right breast. doctor went back in at that time to evacuate area. It took about 6 weeks for the bruising and swelling to reduce. my question is I still have limited movement of right arm, meaning if I try to lift it straight up I can't and I can feel pulling in my right shoulder area like the mucles are still swollen, I also have pain in my neck area on the right side which starts from the shoulder area its a really tight feeling.

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Recovery after a hematoma can be prolonged

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Because of your hematoma, you probably have more scar tissue than normal after breast reduction which is healing and as all scars, it is tightening.  Massage and stretching is the best way to address this problem.  Scars and scar tissue take months to settle and thus during this time massage and stretching exercises will help you regain your range of motion.  4 months after surgery you won't hurt your breasts so you can be pretty aggressive in stretching and massage

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Tightness after breast reduction and hematoma

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Hematomas will definitely slow down healing so what you are experiencing is most likely to be expected. However, to regain full function of your arm you may need to do more than is routine after a reduction. You should discuss your concerns and limitations with your surgeon who may recommend some physical therapy to help get you back to normal faster. Good luck to you.

Margaret Skiles, MD (retired)
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How long does it take a breast reduction to fully heal?

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Having done many breast reductions, I realize that everyone is a little bit different. But generally speaking breast reduction patients feel pretty good after a week or two.

I tend to tell my patients that about 6 weeks is the target point for the point of healing where you don't have to worry too much about things like working out and swimming.

It does take several months though to feel completely normal, although like I said, feeling a lot better so that you are functional, takes only a little while.

Stitches come out usually around 2 weeks (if there are any external stitches).

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