How Long Will It Take to Fix an Open Bite?

Im 17 year old boy..just turned 17..I have an open bite..thats big enough that you can almost stick a spoon through it..I also tongue thrust to long would it take for the braces to fix my orth. told me about 30 months to fix it...and how would all this bascily work out...would I have to get a plate..head gear..or what...?..or rubber bands..and please dont say head gear lol..

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How Long to Fix an Open Bite?

You MUST correct the cause of your open bite (sounds like in your case it's a tongue thrust) before any teeth are moved or you will never have a stable result. There are a number of ways of correcting a tongue thrust. 

There is not enough information to know if you will require headgear. Most likely you will need rubber bands for sure.

Good luck!

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