How Long Does Fat Injection Last in Hips for Someone Who is Rectangular Shaped?

I am rectangular shaped, hence I have flat or no hips. My measurements follow 34-28-36. Is it possible to have fat just inserted into my hips (not my behind) in order to create some curves? How long will the fat last in my hips? How much will I need to inject in order for it to last a life time? Are there any side effects?

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Fat Transfer

Fat may last a lifetime, we do not know for sure in all cases however.  There is always risk of some fat loss which is dependent on many factors. Thank you for your question and good luck with everything.

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Fat Injection

Fat transfer can be done to the hips. You should expect most of the transferred fat to take and be permanent.

The longevity of fat transfer is at least 5 years.(permanent). About 60-80% of the total fat should take if done properly. Fat transfer is injector dependent.


infection, bleeding hematoma, seroma, contour irregularities, wavy skin, no take of the graft, partial take of the graft, asymmetry, fat embolism, fat cysts, The need for further surgery, putting too much or too little, deep venous thrombosis , pulmonary emboli and death.

This is not to scare you but to inform you. With information you can make intelligent decision

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