Long Face Syndrome Remains After Orthognathic Surgery, Can my Face Be Shortened?

My face is slightly longer due to the 4mm genio and rotation of mandible. Lower moved forward 14mm upper moved 9mm. How can my face be shortened? My face was shorter before surgery but my lower jaw was recessed. Widest between nose and eyes. Similar to: http://www.realself.com/question/22-year-long-face-syndrome-gain-face-width-please-help Cheekbones remain quite flat and sunk-in as well. I don't have any functional problems as far as I know, my occlusion is class 1. Bite was class 2 before.

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Long face syndrome treatment

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It seems that you had an lefort 1 osteotomy, sagittal split osteotomy and genioplasty to correct your skeletal deformity. If  you feel that your face still appears long you would require revision procedure to correct this. The maxilla would have to be shortened and the mandible would have to be reset.  As far as your cheeks you have several options: Cheek implants or fat transfer. Both have pros and cons.  I would first discuss your concerns with your surgeon and proceed from there. Best of luck. 

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