What Can Be Done to Make a Long Face Look Shorter and Possibly Wider? (photo)

I have a long face and also long features that accompany it like nose and chin. my question is what can you do about a long nose/long midface to make it appear shorter? also is getting a chin reduction a possibility once you shorten the nose? thanks

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Treatment to Widen A Long Face

You appear to have hollowing and lack of facial volume in your midface area. While cheek implants can help, I recommend Sculptra which allows a broader area of your face to be filled in and widened to give the type of recontouring you need. Sculptra is an injectable filler that works well for facial contouring. Your nose does seem long with poor tip definition. I recommend an rhinoplasty. However, I would need to see profile views to determine the full extent of rhinoplasty and also to determine if your chin is in balance. I dint think you would need a chin reduction once your cheek area is enhanced.

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