How Long Should I Expect Malar Edema After Belotero?

I received Belotero to tear trough area to tx mild hollowness over 4 wks ago. I exp very bad bruising and swelling esp to R eye. I want to also mention I received 8 units of Botox to each eye at this time. Once bruising resolved I cont w malar edema. I have never exp swelling to my eyes before and of course it's worse in the Am. I returned to PS last wk and had 2 ml of hylaronidase injected to the areas that seemed to be most swollen. I again exp bruising and cont w the malar edema. Please help.

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Swelling after Belotero

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If you are still experiencing swelling after the Hyaluronidase, you may need another injection of Hyaluronidase. Response will be based on how much of the Belotero was injected, method of injection/placement, as well as how much Hyaluronidase was used. Best of luck.

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