How Long Will Edema Last After VASER Liposuction? 30 Yr Old Female

8 days post-op after VASER lipo on my abdomen, lower back, flanks, and inner knees. Most of the swelling/bruising in the treated areas has subsided but my legs have become very heavy and ankles are swollen. Been wearing my compression garment 24/7 and VERY limited activities. According to the scale, I've GAINED 3 lbs. since my procedure -- the surgeon says he removed 1000 ccs. How much of this weight is actually water and how long until the edema resolves? Measurements increased 2" all over. :(

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Having Adema is very normal 8 days post surgery,it takes 6to 8 months for all swelling to completely subside. Your weight will change after the swelling subsides.

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