I Have Really Long Ears, I Want to Know if Surgery or Otoplasty Can Help my Ears Get Smaller in Size and Volume?

I have long ears like about 4 and 1/2 to about 6 inches and if surgery or otoplasty can reduce the size and volume of my ears, and also the cost? Also, the tip of my left ear is pointy, and not folded like my right ear, and my left ear canal seems to be smaller than my right ear too. I have to let my hair grow or wear caps for my ears not to show

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Otoplasty making the ears smaller

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Yes you can do this. One approach is coming from the top and the other is directed at the earlobes. When you go see your plastic surgeon they can help you in making a decision as to which end would be best to approach and / or whether doing both would be the best thing.

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Treatment for “really long ears"?

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Thank you for the question.

Without direct examination is not possible to give you precise advice.

However, based on your description you may benefit from both otoplasty surgery as well as ear reduction surgery.  The otoplasty surgery will serve to “setback” figures and help with the folding of the left ear (anti-helical fold). The ear reduction surgery will serve to reduce the vertical height of the ear;  by necessity there will be a potentially visible scar associated with this procedure.

I would suggest in person consultation with  a board-certified plastic surgeon experienced with your surgery.

I hope this helps.

Vertical Ear Reduction Results In Some Scarring

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Reducing the height of the ear can be done by removing a central wedge of cartilage and skin.  When it comes to an inch and half difference, this would be the only technique that could approximate the reduction needed to that of the other ear. This does create a fine line scar across the helical rim but the rest is fairly hidden below the crus and in the groove of the antihelical fold. Like all plastic surgeries that result in some degree of scarring, the question is whether this is a good trade-off. If the ear heights are that different, it may very well be.

Ear height reduction

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Reducing the height of the ears is commonly performed during otoplasty. The absent helical fold can also be created to Improve the appearance of the ear so you will not have to hide it with your hair. There are various techniques that can be employed depending on the condition requiring treatment and your plastic surgeon can discuss alternatives with you.

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