How Long Do Drains Stay in After Explantation of Implants?

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Drains after Breast Implant Removal?

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Most of the time,  I do not use trains after breast implant removal. It drains are necessary however I will remove them within one week after surgery ( depending on their output).

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How Long Do Drains Stay in After Explantation

It depends on the reason why you needed the explantation and how much fluid collects in the drains afterwards. In most patients it is likely to be only for one night.

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Drains after Breast Implant Removal

The use of drains after breast prostheses removal (explantation ) varies among surgeons. I personally have never used a drain after a breast augmentation nor implant removal. With hundreds of implant removals, I have not seen a hematoma and have only seen 2 seromas. Your surgeon's experience my be different.  I do not think there is any "science" to support one or the other approaches. Be sure your surgeon explains the use of drains, the benefits, risks, and alternatives.

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