How Long Do I Need to Take off for a Breast Lift Overseas?

I am 31 yrs old female, 170 lbs, 36C-D. I would like to maintain my size but get perky breasts with volume on top. Would it be possible to schedule a procedure with only a virtual consultation? I would like to fly in a few days before the surgery. How long of a stay do I need to plan? Locations I am considering: South Florida and LA area.

Would it be necessary to also get implants or could I go with a full mastopexy? If implantation is necessary, should I get the round implant or tear shaped implant? What are HP implants? Thanks

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Breast Lift Recovery Time Overseas?

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Based on the type of procedure planned I would suggest at least 2 weeks in the vicinity of your surgeon's practice. Be prepared for additional stay if complications arise.

Best wishes.

Breast lift surgery in foreign countries

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There are many surgeons and surgery centers in other countries who advertise to Americans and encourage Americans to travel internationally for surgery. Keep in mind that the cheapest surgeries often end up being the most costly. There is no way to regulate surgeons and other countries or to determine their level of training or expertise. The American system has the most rigorous level of training and certification possible. Also consider that when receiving surgery in another country what will happen if a complication occurs? Here in Miami, we see many patients who have traveled to South America and received surgery with unfortunate results. They then returned to the United States for help. Many of these patients have severe deformities that will require lengthier procedures and more expensive surgeries that if they had gotten their original surgery in the United States. Please keep your safety in mind first.

You would certainly benefit from a breast lift

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Having operated on two patients just like you in the last week, I can confidently say you would benefit from a breast lift.

I would also say that with so many excellent options in the areas that you are looking in, I would not recommend going overseas for this operation. You want to see a quality surgeon who operates in an atmosphere that meets the rigourous standards set in the US.

Here in Santa Barbara, I see patients from all over the world who come to have their surgery and recover in paradise. We have photos sent to us via email, or can use teleconference to discuss options.

Pro-operative blood tests can be done at home before your trip, and patients usually come to Santa Barbara about two days before their surgery for a pre-operative visit, to get any last minute questions answered, and to do a final hands-on exam.

Make sure you are given all pre-operative and post-operative instructions before your trip is made. I'm sure many surgeons in Florida and California do similar arrangements with travelling patients- an overseas trip is not necessary.

As for the surgery itself, you make want to check out more information here on RealSelf.

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Surgery with traveling

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You should really paln on staying in the area for several weeks to make sure ther ar eno complications. You are probably better off seeing someone near where you live.  If you like the volume you have then just a lift. If you want more volume then have implants placed as well.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
4.2 out of 5 stars 30 reviews

Breast augmentation with lift

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Judging from your pictures you will need an lift and augmentation, And will need to stay in town 1-2 weeks. Ask the office how many out of town patients they see. I have seen multiple patients with very bad results after overseas surgery so be careful. 

From overseas, time for breast lift

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I recommend 10 days to 2 weeks in USA for full recovery. Implants are a personal decision, but the size with a full lift is limited to 300 cc's or less, in my opinion. Also I would recommend HP (High Profile implants).

Regards from MIAMI

The doctor is important, not the area you have your mastopexy performed

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First find a doctor to do your surgery, then worry about the area. You should plan on being around 1 -2 weeks after your surgery.

You will not be fully healed and will continue to improve over the first 3 months; however, most major problems occur in the first 48 hours with an augmentation mastopexy which you need.

William B. Rosenblatt, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
4.2 out of 5 stars 12 reviews

Traveling for a breast lift and augmentation

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I would personally recommend that you stay 2 weeks after surgery where ever you have it done.  After that, there is almost no risk of bleeding or early postop problems.  The key is to get the result you are hoping for and your search should extend far beyond LA and south Florida unless you happen to have faimly to stay with there. 

Traveling for cosmetic surgery

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While your intentions are good, traveling to a foreign country poses some difficulties and risk. You have to consider that you have to establish a healthy and respectful rapport with a surgeon you have never met in a relatively short period of time.This might poses undue pressure and stress on you and your decision-making process. It can be done but elective surgery should be done electively, not under pressure. You also have to account for the possibility of complications that prevent you from returning as scheduled or that may incur further costs. Complications can happen anywhere to anyone.

For a mastopexy alone, I would advise giving yourself three weeks: a week to visit with your surgeon a few times, and a couple of weeks recovery assuming no significant complications. If you are an acceptable size when in a uplifting bra, then you probably don't need an implant. This decision may also pose a dilemma for overseas patients as it might force you to choose an implant to avoid a staged procedure. This might increase the risk of complications.

Robin T.W. Yuan, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Breast enlargement and Mastopexy (Breast lift)

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Yes, I have been doing video conferencing consultations over the internet for many years. I see and treat many patients from out of my area (Newport Beach, California). You could have either a full uplift (mastopexy) with a lollipop scar or a partial uplift, a peri-areolar one with breast implants. A mastopexy alone will only uplift your breasts (try putting your hands over your head and if that is what you want your breasts to look like then that approximates what a full uplift will do). If you want your breasts to also be bigger as well as uplifted, then you will want to have an uplift with breast implants.

In either case, ideally, it would be better to stay in the area for two weeks, but a much shorter time, like even several days, is possible for fortunately, the complication rates are very low. You could have the surgery, and after a few days sightsee in the area.

Edward J. Domanskis, MD
Newport Beach Plastic Surgeon
4.5 out of 5 stars 28 reviews

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