I Had To Postpone Surgery But Already Have Implants, How Long Can Breast Implants Be Stored?

I had separated a date for breast augmentation surgery and gave the implants payment. However, I had to postpone the surgery. Since the implants had already been payed, my doctor gave me the implants while keeping the warranty and told me I could come back later. I would have to wait several months in order to have money to pay the surgeon's fee. It would probably be on October, 7 months from now. Is it possible for me to keep the implants during that time? Their expiration date is Nov 2016.

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Breast Implants Storage

It's very strange that your plastic surgeon "gave" you the implants to keep. It is very unusual for implants to be passed off to the patient before surgery, and it's best if you return them to your surgeon so they can keep it until you proceed with your surgery.  

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Should a patient have their implants before surgery?

I agree with every other post so far. You should not have been given you breast implants (I assume they are in the original container unopened). Although the storage requirements are not that stringent, either your plastic surgeon or the surgical facility they work out of should store the implants until you are ready for surgery.

Michael C. Edwards, MD, FACS
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Implant storage?

I must not be understanding your question.  It is unorthodox for a PS to give you unused implants for "storage".   I have never heard of this before.   If an implant has not been removed from its sterile packaging, then they will be fine for use in the future.  I hope this helps.

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Breast implant storage

I have to agree with Dr. Pousti. I have never heard of a plastic surgeon giving a patient implants to store. Sounds really crazy to me. Return the implants and get your money back. We return implants to the companies on a routine basis.  If your doctor will not do so then call the breast implant company - (Mentor or Allergan) customer service department and speak with them.

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How long can you store your own breast implants

Implants can be stored in a cool and dry place in the undamaged packaging until the expiration date on the box. But what are you doing with breast implants in your closet? We don't think the implants should be given to you, and posession is restricted to a liscensed practitioner by Federal law. We suggest you give the implants back.

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Breast Implants and Postponing surgery

Thank you for your question.  

This is somewhat unusual practice (to give the patient the implants)...I would suggest that you give the implants back to your surgeon, who can return them,  until you decide to proceed with surgery.  At the time of  surgery, you may find that your goals / requirements may have changed necessitating the use of different size and/or profile of breast implant. 

Best Wishes.

Tom J. Pousti, MD, FACS
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