How Long with Braces for Gaps and an Open Bite?

I have been tongue thrusting since a baby. I have never visited dentist, but I have read about my condition and it says I must go to an orthodontist. My question is, how long will I have to keep it for gaps between my teeth and an open bite The picture below is a side view of the real problems. Can you please tell me how severe my open bite is and an estimated time of how long I will need braces? Thank You.

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Choose Invisalign for gaps and open bite

I would estimate your treatment time around 15-18 months with Invisalign. Your side photo shows that the bite on your back teeth is actually quite good, with flared front teeth. On a scale of 1(easy) to 10(hard) I rate the severity of your open bite a 4 to treat, and an 8 to maintain the results after the treatment. Wear your retainers after your Invisalign treatment or the problem will return, guaranteed!

Good luck!

San Ramon Orthodontist

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