How Long Before I Should Fix a Botched Geniplasty?

Just had genioplasty done about a week ago. I wanted my chin advanced because it was a little weak. After a week, there is still swelling, but it almost looks like he didnt move the chin at all. It definitely needs to be moved out more which is really disappointing. How long should I wait to cary this alteration out?

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More Advancement After Too Small A Sliding Genioplasty Result

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The usual patient concern after a sliding genioplasty at one week is that it is too big due to the swelling. If you feel after the first week that it is too small, this does not bode well for a favorable outcome. While the bone does not really start to solidy for 6 to 8 weeks after surgery, if you are convinced you need further advancement then sooner is better than later. While the amount of actual bony movement should have been worked out before surgery based on x-ray tracings or imaging predictions, the important question now is how much actual advancement was done and how much do you really need to achieve your desired result.

Fixing under-projected sliding genioplasty result

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You should discuss your concerns with your surgeon at this point. After only a week you're right that there should still be swelling in the area.

Your surgeon should be able to give you a better idea of the best timing if you do decide you want to get further advancement.

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