How Long Before I Can Have a Brazilian Butt Lift Revision?

I had a brazilian butt lift performed about 3 weeks ago and the results are mediocre. I believe my doctor could have injected more fat but didnt want my butt to look unnatural however I (the paying customer) wanted a "shelf" and hips. Im 5'4 and weigh 160. I have more than enough fat to inject in my butt for great results. I believe my doctor injected 400-450 cc's into each cheek :-( anyway, when can I go to another doctor to get this corrected and have more fat injected into my hips and butt?

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Fat transfer to the buttock-revision

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I would allow several months for all the swelling to resolve and see how much of the transferred fat will actually survive.  This will take at least six months.  Then discuss with your surgeon if another fat transfer is feasible.  Try and be patient for now and recover from your surgery.  You can have more fat injected into the site, it will just take time.

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Butt lift revision

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Sorry you are unhappy with your results.  If you are disappointed after 3 weeks, keep an eye on things, because you are likely still swollen, which exaggerates your results.  When the swelling resolves, I hope that you are not more dissatisfied.  There is no defined consensus about when you are a candidate for a revision.  But I personally would wait 3 to 6 months.  I hope that your original surgeon will offer you an inexpensive revision.  Good luck!!

Jason Hess, MD
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Timing of Revison BBL

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Thanks for your question and I am sorry to hear that your result was not what you expected. There is no hard and fast rule that determines when you can have any revisionary surgery. I usually like to wait at least 6 months because at that point, most of the fat cells that have survived are stable. This also means that swelling and inflammation have resolved and a determination of your final shape can be made. I think that before you see another plastic surgeon, you should consider discussing your concern with your plastic surgeon as they performed your operation and may offer a satisfactory resolution.

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Brazilian Butt enhancement

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This issue of what YOU want should have been discussed before surgery and both surgeon and patient agree.

Now you need to wait 3-6 months before a redo again can be done.

This time choose a plastic surgeon and discuss all what you want and desire before the surgery.

Where the problem areas of fat accumulation are, what size you want, how many procedures, how much fat  and the potential risks and complications.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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