Broken 2nd premolar. Went to Two Dentists, one said he could save it, the other one was not as optimistic. Any suggestion?

I have multiple problems with my teeth ever since my final wisdom teeth have come in. One night I was eating chips and a good portion of my 2nd right premolar had fallen out. before, I had experienced pain in that tooth, but the ache would go away and not return. the tooth had also been previously filled. Now there is a very large portion of it gone. What can I do? The break did not hurt and I don't feel any pain. I am even able to chew food. It is not broken off the gum line.

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Unfortunately we do not have enough information in the form of radiographs or photos to give you an opinion. If you have two differing opinions I would get each to explain their position.  Then you need to choose which one you trust.  Good luck!

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