If Im a Small C Cup Now, and Am Looking for a Fuller Larger Breast (D to DD) Will 475 CC Be Enough? (photo)

My doctor gave me 2 options, 400 cc 450 cc and 475 cc. i chose 475 cc which gave me an implant size of 450 , filled to 475 cc. I am using saline under the muscle. I am 5'5 150 pounds, with a curvy shape. I am looking to balance out my proportions. I want full big breasts.Also my left breast is larger, so i am trying to balance them out. I am just worried i am not going big enough. I want all this pain , time , and money to be well spent. what are your expert opinions?

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Selecting the right breast implant size

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I strongly recommend that you ask your surgeon to allow you to try the implant sizes on beforehand so that on the day of surgery you know exactly what you are getting.  Good luck.

If Im a Small C Cup Now, and Am Looking for a Fuller Larger Breast (D to DD) Will 475 CC Be Enough?

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Over the internet very hard to advise choice in cc size. My best advise is always go one size larger or 50 cc larger than your chose. So from 475 cc to 525 or 550 cc would be my recommendation. 

Dimensional Planning a MUST!

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The cc's are somewhat irrelevant, as those 25cc differences are less than 2 tablespoons. The width must be matched to your chest dimensions. I agree with silicone consideration, and would pick the implant that best matches your width.

Will 475 CC Be Enough?

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Trying on sizers I find to be the most useful way of helping to choose the implants for surgery. I doubt anyone could tell a difference of 25 cc in an implant of the sizes you are considering. Even 75 cc would not make too much of a difference. Best is to explain your goals to your surgeon. I would suggest a strong consideration of silicone gel implants for the size you are considering. 

All the best. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Breast Size

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Sizing is always a tricky thing as each patients view of what they think is pretty may differ from their surgeons view. Did you try on implant sizers? I have found that letting my patients try on various sizes helps them be more confident in their size selection. Also, I use VECTRA 3D imaging too and it can take into account the size difference between the breasts. Having said all this, the size you have chosen will most likely accomplish your goal of a "D." Just keep in mind ALL bra companies do not have a consistent sizing measure amongst them. Focus on what you like when you look in the mirror with implant sizers. 

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