Rhinoplasty revision; are there any doctors in the LA or orange County that specialize in fixing polly beak deformity?

are there any doctors in the LA or orange County that specialize in fixing polly beak deformity?

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Who does revisional nose surgery?

You need to choose someone with a lot of experience. Look at his photos. It also depends on what you have and are trying to achieve. Some things are better left alone but only a consultation with a reputable plastic surgeon will tell you that.

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Polly Beak Deformity

The best recommendation is to consult with a board certified specialist who can properly evaluate the inside and outside of your nose and help you achieve the results you seek.  3-dimensional computer imaging can also help you visualize what you may look like afterwards and serve as an important communication tool with your surgeon.

Kimberly Lee, MD
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Revision Rhinoplasty Surgeon

Dear Sue2000, An in office examination would determine if you have a polly beak and if so what the cause of the polly beak is. Once a proper diagnosis is made then a surgical plan can be set. Most rhinoplasty experts have expertise in this particular area of revision surgery as we unfortunately see it often. Best regards, Michael V. Elam, M.D.

Michael Elam, MD
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Choosing a revision rhinoplasty specialist?

look at several experienced revision rhinoplasty specialists websites to evaluate photos of before and after results. Do not rely on imaging. You should choose a surgeon who has a great deal of experience and produces natural looking noses. 

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Doctors Experienced in Correction of Polly Beak Deformity

Any experienced revision rhinoplasty specialist has dealt with the correction of polly beak deformities which unfortunately are not rare. While there are several different causes of this problem your surgeon should be able to show you examples of results after correction of this deformity.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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Rhinoplasty revision for fixing Polly beak deformity

A full set of photographs and an  in-person examination is required to make a determination about whether or not you have a Polly beak, and what is causing the polly beak. Residual cartilage or excess skin can be the causative agent. Look for a very busy rhinoplasty surgeon for best results.

William Portuese, MD
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