Male Mons Pubis Fat Removal Options

've always had a flabby crotch, regardless of weight. I had lipo, but I don't think the doc knew what she was doing; nothing changed. One doctor I visited mention I may have a hernia down there, which embarrassed me horribly & I moved on. I'm very tired of the uncomfortablity. I'm 6'2", 40, White Male, 255lbs. Siting, working out and sex are uncomfortable. I would like to know what my options are? Is this possibly covered by insurance? Is there a special term I should use with doctors?

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Males mons pubis fat removal options

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In most cases of an enlarged mons treatment revolves around removal of the excess tissue through either liposuction or direct surgical excision.  If you have excess skin present it is advisable to have a monsplasty performed where the tissues of the region can be thinned and lifted to leave a smoother contour.  Hope this helps.

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