What lasts longer; a filler or fat grafting and what is more price efficient?

I've had a lip filler about 6 months ago it was regular Juvederm and one Voluma on the cheeks and under eye. I loved the results but I feel like it has all gone down. Volbella suppose to last a year but I was hoping to see what a professional recommends for better results and more price friendly. I would like to have this done for me and my mom this Christmas but I want to be able to afford it. I was going to go in for a voluma and a volbells each.

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Filler or fat grafting

When large amounts of volume are required I prefer to use a patient's own fat. It's just more cost effective. Fat is soft, no rejection, and people usually have plenty of fat in other areas of their body to donate from. It can be used everywhere on the face. When used in the lips, it resorbs similar to other filler products, but in other areas of the face it can last forever. The fat feels and looks natural and I always think that it makes the skin look better... a healthy look!   

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Filler or FFG


This is a great question and what I always suggest to my patients is to first get a filler to make sure you like that look. And since product filler isn't permanent it will give you an idea as to what fat grafting will look like, but with a temporarily result. I am a advocate for facial fat grafting, because it does deliver a longer lasting result with minimal tweaking. Although as time goes on aging takes over meaning you might need a tone up from time to time, but nothing like a product filler that requires being re-injected every 6 to 9 months. The price for FFG is a little more up front but in the long run you will save. I usually charge around $3500 for FFG and this includes everything. I hope this helps with your future decision making. 

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