Indentations on fat after Tummy Tuck with Lipo?

Exactly 1 wk ago I had a Diastasis recti repair, umbilical hernia repair and TT with Lipo. My Dr has me wearing a wrap and suggested to put towels on my sides inside the wrap to prevent indentations on the fat after Lipo which could end up being permanent. However, some days it's smooth and others I wake up and things have shifted and I see huge indents on my sides and freak out. How long would something have to be pressed on my side to make a permanent indent on my fat? Should I be worried?

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Hello and thank you for the question. At a week out from surgery you are likely witnessing swelling in the tissue which can appear at indentations.  This should completely reside by the 4 month mark. If it has not, I would bring it to the attention of your surgeon.Warmest Regards,gv

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Indentations after body contouring procedures

are very common and though some believe the towel or other 'padding' inside the binder will help, I have never used it and have results that I can be proud of.  But the binder does create indentations that  do resolve and the binder/garment should always be adjusted regularly to avoid potential pressure sores from the garment.  Because you see it some times and not others suggests this is just due to normal swelling.  Always keep your surgeon informed of your concerns as he/she is best prepared to help you should something more concerning be developing.

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Tummy Tuck

Hello and thank you for sharing your concerns. It is very common for swelling to come and go since the layer of fat is currently in the healing process. The wrap is used to keep your skin and fat layer intact so that you will ultimately get that smooth look that you desired. Results may vary, so please consult with your surgeon again.

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Indentations on fat after Tummy Tuck

The fat layer after your procedure is somewhat moldable for several weeks due to tissue swelling and progressive collapse of the tunnels created in the areas by lipo.  The wrap  will help the skin and fat layer beneath settle in a smooth manner as swelling resolves. It is not unusual to see daily changes in swelling while you are healing. It is not known precisely how long it would take for a permanent indentation to be formed but it would probably take more than a few days.  As already stated, these concerns are  best addressed by your surgeon.

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Indentations on fat after Tummy Tuck with Lipo?

You have a surgeon who has a specific postop protocol so it is important you address any questions regarding that protocol with the doctor's office. 

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