I had picosure about 2 weeks ago on a large piece and can't really tell a change, is this normal?

I was quotes 5 sessions and maybe 6-7 on the red- the red was done with the other laser and black was picosure. I just don't see any results really was hoping for a little more and don't see how in 4 more treatments it's going to be mostly gone. Is this normal ?

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Red ink clearance with Picosure tattoo laser is limited - Buffalo Niagara Tattoo Laser Specialist

The before and after pictures show limited to no improvement in clearance of red ink with the Picosure system, as would be expected ... 

The 532 nm Nd YAG Q switched laser is best for clearance of red ink. 

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Multiple wavelengths of light are needed...

For the black ink you may want to switch to an Nd:YAG (1064nm) and the red/orange will require a 532nm. The PicoSure uses an Alexandrite 755nm. Godd luck!

William Kirby, DO, FAOCD
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Depends on the Settings

This answer really depends upon the settings used with the picosure. Because of the short duration of pulse with the picosure, this laser remains our most effective therapy for tattoo removal. That doesn't mean this therapy is perfect, but it does mean that when used correctly, it is the best therapy we have to date for tattoo removal.

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Picosure for Dark Colored Tattoos

Hi CJ.  We do not own the Picosure, but even if we did, we would not be using it for dark or red ink.  If your tattoo is also Orange, we may be using it for that area.  The reason is that black, dark blue and red ink are better suited to the q-switched Nd:Yg laser which is a 1064 and 532 wavelength.  The Picosure may be able to get complete removal of your tattoo, but we would estimate more treatments on the dark and red areas because it is a 755 wavelength.  

If you want to see faster removal with the dark ink ask them why they are not using the Nd:Yg (1064) in those areas.  We likely would have estimated between 6-10 treatments for removal as the work looks fairly good (harder removal for better work).

Take a look at LA and OC patients we have treated for tattoo removal at the link below.

Harold J. Kaplan, MD
Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon
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