Breast Augmentation Vs Breast Implants?

What is the difference between breast implants and breast augmentation? which is best to get done? with implants which is best to get gel o silicone , durability, safer, ?

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Breast Augmentation Vs Breast Implants?

Breast augmentation surgery is performed to enhance your breasts; to give you more fullness, by using either saline or silicone gel implants. Both safe are very safe.
There are many factors to consider when choosing to do breast augmentation The implant options include; saline vs. silicone gel implants, moderate, midrange or high profile. Implant placement also needs to be taken into consideration; on top of the muscle or behind the muscles. Placement typically depends on how much breast tissue you have to begin with as well as the quality of your skin. If you have adequate amount of tissue, then having an implants on top of the muscle (in this case, I would recommend silicone gel implants) would be appropriate for the support and padding of the implants. If you do not have adequate amount of breast tissues for support, then I would recommend placing implants behind the muscles.
As for volume vs. "natural" appearance, this is difficult to measure. It is so individualized based on each patient's perspective. If you are going for volume, then you may need high profile which gives you the volume to give you more upper pole fullness. If you are looking for volume but not so much upper pole fullness, then you may consider moderate or mid range implants.
There is no right answer; the decision has to be made between you and your plastic surgeon. You have to understand about the reason behind choosing the type of implants, the placement of the implants, the volume you are aiming for. You then have to understand the potential risks in all the options. This is why having a formal consultation with your plastic surgeon is so important before making your decision for surgery.
I hope this helps.
Dr. Vu

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Breast Augmentation Is the Name of the Procedure to Place Breast Implants

Thank you for your question.

Breast Augmentation is the name of the Plastic Surgical Procedure used to place Breast Implants. There are both Saline (salt water) and Silicone Gel Breast Implants available. See a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon for advice.

Implants or augmentation??

Breast implants are used to augment (enlarge) breasts. Gel implants ARE silicone implants. Saline is salt water and is used in saline implants, which do not contain silicone gel. Both types of implants have a solid silicone envelope (outer shell) rather like the rubber of a toy balloon.

Neither is 'best.' Each has advantages and disadvantages. Generally, after a consultation with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon you will know which is most appropriate for you. Yes, YOU get to choose! The patient must participate in her own care and she can only do this when all the facts are put before her.

J. Brian Boyd, MD
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One is the name of the surgery, and the other is the name of the devices used

Breast augmentation refers to the cosmetic surgical procedure. Breast implants refer to the medical devices that are placed inside the body to enhance breast size. They are often used interchangeably, however.

Current silicone implants have a more cohesive consistency than those made in the past. While they are still silicone implants, sometimes they may also be called cohesive gel or "gummy bear" implants. However, they refer to the same thing. They are far more durable then before and feel more natural than saline implants. You'd have to see a PS who can help you figure out which implant type would be the best for you.

Michael Constantin Gartner, DO
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Breast Augmentation Vs Breast Implants?

Breast augmentation is the name of the operation in which breast implants are used to enhance the fullness of the breasts.

Having said this, there is a great deal of work going on to research the used of fat in breast augmentation.

However, fat grafting of the breasts has not yet become common practice due to issues of inconsistent take of the fat, as well as possible problems with breast imaging.

As you likely know, the two main classes of breast implant are saline and silicone gel.

An experienced plastic surgeon can help you choose the best option for your situation.

Good luck!

Eric Pugash, MD
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Is an augment different from implants?

A breast augmentation is a surgical procedure, performed via various approaches, which employs breast implants to achieve enlargement. In terms of safety and longevity, both silicone and saline are perfectly safe. It is a matter of preference, as are the size of the implants and their safe

Robert L. Kraft, MD, FACS
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Breast Augmentation Usually Means Implants

The term breast augmentation almost always implies the use of breast implants, although occasionally the patients own tissue (such as fat) can be used.  I personally prefer smooth round implants placed below the muscle.  I also prefer silicone to saline implants, but I use both depending upon the patient's reference.

John Whitt, MD (retired)
Louisville Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Augmentation = Breast Implants (Generally)

Thank you for your question. Generally, breast augmentation means "breast augmentation with breast implants", so they are one and the same. However, it is also possible to have breast augmentation performed with fat grafting, which is more often done during breast reconstruction, but the vast majority of breast augmentations are done with implants.

Good luck, and for more information about other choices to be made before undergoing breast augmentation, take a look at the Guide to Breast Augmentation on my website from the web reference below. I discuss common patient questions I receive, silicone versus saline implants, round versus anatomically shaped implants, smooth versus texturized implants, implant manufacturer, implant insertion incision location, implant location inside the breast, and more. 

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Breast Augmentation vs Breast Implants

With recent developmental changes, science has advanced more over the years in the aspect of plastic surgery. In comparison, if we say breast augmentation which is the complicated term normally used, while breast implants is the generally known and easy term when it comes to breast surgery. Both breast augmentation and breast implants are medical plastic surgical methods that are used to give the breasts the desired befitting look.

Colin Hong, MD
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Breast Augmentation Vs Breast Implants?

Breast augmentation is the process of enlarging a woman’s breast.  The most common way to do that is using breast implants.  In today’s plastic surgery world, it is also possible to augment the woman’s breast just a little bit using fat grafting from her own body.  There are pros and cons to fat grafting.  First, it requires a procedure to harvest fat using liposuction from another part of the body, and then the fat that is transferred may not all live.  In fact, about 40% usually doesn’t make it, so patients often have to go back for multiple operations. 

For these reasons, and by far, the most common way to enlarge breasts is using breast implants.  With regard to the decision between types of breast implants, let me first begin by saying that a breast implant is basically a bag with something filling it.  The bag is always, and always has been, made of silicone regardless of whether the filling is saline, which is salt water, or silicone gel.  In all cases, the shell of the implant, the bag, is made of silicone.  There are several advantages in my view to using the gel filled implants, as the implants have a more natural feel, are a bit lighter, and have a lesser degree of rippling (although all implants have some degree of rippling so put them under the muscle to hid it!)   By and large, durability and longevity is debatable and I would not make my decision on that basis.  In general, the great majority of patients today are best satisfied with silicone gel filled implants.  

Richard A. D’Amico, MD, FACS
Englewood Plastic Surgeon
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