After one saline breast is ruptured, can the other one be deflated to make them even?

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After one saline breast is ruptured, can the other one be deflated to make them even?

After one saline breast is ruptured, can the other one be deflated to make them even? It depends on the cause of rupture. In general, the other can be deflated to make them more even.

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Can I deflate the other implant if one deflates?

Yes, you can deflate the other saline implant. This can be done even under a local anesthetic with little downtime.

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When one implant deflates

and you are unable or not desiring of surgery, you can easily be 'deflated' on your other side.  The shells can stay in your body as long as not creating problems, such as pointing where its tenting your skin up.  You can remove the shells whenever convenient for you.  In my practice, explant done in the office will cost only $500.  Its a service provided to augmented patients who need them out for whatever reason as I think its awful when you paid thousands to put them in and now they want to charge you thousands to take them out.

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Yes, your inflated implant can be deflated in the office. However, you might consider removing both implants if you have decided not to exchange the deflated implant.

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After one saline breast is ruptured, can the other one be deflated to make them even?

I am sorry to hear about the complication you have experienced. Yes, the other breast implant can be deflated in the office to achieve breast symmetry;  is a temporizing measure until you are ready to proceed with definitive surgery ( at least removal of the breast implant shells).  This has occurred a few times in my practice where the patient, for one reason or another (such as pregnancy or  extremely busy schedule), wishes to improve breast symmetry (in similar circumstances as yours) until they are able to proceed with definitive breast surgery.  Best wishes.

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Correcting a deflated saline implant.

Thank you for your question Lisa. I am unsure why you would want get the other implant deflated when it is functional. I do not know what you have in mind, but you did not get implants to have them deflated and left inside your body. If the implant deflated on its own, then the implant insurance should cover the cost to replace it depending on the manufacturer. Please contact you plastic surgeon and consult with them to have a replacement surgery. If you were proposing that to get 2 new implants of different sizes, then share your concerns with your board-certified plastic surgeon. Hope this helps!

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