Is my vagina loose? What can I do to tighten it? (photos)

I am 19 years old I have concerns that my vagina is loose for my age. This has had a negative impact on my self esteem. I have never had sex with a guy, but when I was younger I masturbated a lot. I am thinking about having sex and I'm scared that I won't be tight enough. I just tried to make an appt with my doctor and I didn't know what to say so I said never mind and hung up. How can I make my vagina tighter? I hear about lasers, but there are many. Is there a difference? How do I pick?

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Any reason that a virgin should have vaginal tightening?

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Hello Friend from Long Barn (yes- I know exactly where that is...),

You are totally normal, healthy & attractive in appearance, and I would in no way advise any work, either laser, radiofrequency or surgical be done. That would in my opinion be unethical interferance. You certainly can read about these procedures on my website (see weblink & other areas on the informative site) but-- "...If it ain't broke, don't fix it..." You aren't in any way "...broke!"

Best wishes,

Michael P Goodman, MD

Davis, CA, USA

Vaginal looseness

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Hi! There is absolutely nothing wrong with your vagina! It appears 100% normal for your age and does not show any signs of laxity! Your vagina does not loosen with masturbation or even having sex for that matter. Typically it takes delivering a baby or several babies to result in laxity , so do not worry bout this nor focus on your vagina at all at this point in your life!! You are normal, it is normal and therefore don't even think about it!! 

Dr Robert D Moore

Robert D. Moore, DO
Atlanta Urogynecologist
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Is my vagina loose? What can I do to tighten it?

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Total Genital Beautification. It doesn't appear that you've had vaginal deliveries. If this is the case then I would not recommend a vaginoplasty. I would however recommend non-surgical Laser Vaginal Tightening with FemiLift. This will help you feel tighter and respond better sexually without the risks or downtime associated with vaginal surgery. We often perform FemiLift treatment on the same day as Labiaplasty. If orgasms are difficult to achieve then you could have an O-Shot as well.  All these procedures are easy to recover from and leave you empowered with your new look and feel. See link below to view an extensive photo gallery and read reviews from many women.

Bulent Cihantimur, MD
Turkey Plastic Surgeon
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Is my vagina too loose from masturbation even though I am a virgin? Should I be tightened?

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Thank you for your question.  Its painful to be insecure about how we look or how others perceive us.  Certainly, the idea of not being sexually adequate for a future partner is something that is upsetting.

Its normal and healthy to want to be sexually active and to masturbate as well.  From a technical perspective, if masturbation including using large sex toys inserted into your vagina then you could have more looseness than you would have otherwise. 

I would not so anything about this or even seek out medical evaluation.  The concept of vaginal laxity with sex is dependent upon a person's complaints - something that can be confirmed with physical exam.  You are just afraid of this - and have not experienced it.

Sexual intimacy is great in many ways.  But it can cause a lot of pain too.  Women are rejected a lot and cast aside.  Its easy for a woman to find a guy willing to have sex with them.  Its not so easy to find a guy who will be committed to them in a long term monogamous relationship.  I think that women do better in life when they seek this out instead of just sex for physical pleasure.   Masturbation is the smarter choice than sex with someone who does not stay committed to you. 

There are many guys out there that would like a long term relationship.  But if your relationship becomes sexual right away don't be surprised when they don't stay around.  Women have more complicated and demanding lives than men do.  Pregnancy and infection and cancer and infertility and motherhood are what women suffer from due to sex.  Because women have such more difficult demands on their lives than men do - the smart woman is very careful about who she is intimate with - and waits to have sex with someone she loves and trusts - and in that type of relationship she does not worry that her vagina will be too loose.

Vaginal looseness

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at your age is unheard of but if you wish to make it 'tighter', you can do the well known kegel exercises or even consider using that barbell that women hold up with their kegels.  You have nothing to be self conscious about and don't waste any of your time with treatments that cost dollars.

Curtis Wong, MD
Redding Plastic Surgeon
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Judgement call- too loose vagina?

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Based on your images, it does not appear that your perineum or introitus ( entrance to the vagina) is too loose. Besides, at your age and being a virgin is the desired anatomy of many women who present for vaginoplastyand/or vaginal rejuvenation. They frequently have had multiple vaginal deliveries, are older and have other precipitating factors ( heavy lifting, chronic cough ). It will be of benefit to know what made you think that your anatomy is abnormal or that your vagina is too loose? What was the basis for your conclusion? We all are different and have different body-built, including vulvar/vaginal anatomy. Still, I would consider visiting your gynecologist or any trusted gynecologist to be evaluated. most likely reassured and ultimately encouraged to attempt sexual activity. Once you try, then you can decide if your anatomy needs any adjustments. 


Yvonne Wolny, MD

Is your vagina looser than what?

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Vaginal looseness or laxity is a relative term. It needs to be compared to something to have meaning. Most women who report vaginal looseness are describing the feeling they experience when they have sex compared to a point in time when it was tighter. It's not something you determine from a photograph. It's unclear why you think your vagina is loose.

Vaginal tightening options

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hello and thank you for your question. Although I have not examined you please let me reassure you. Given your virginal status, despite masturbation (unless it was with very large sex toys or items) you are likely not loose. Your photos also suggest you probably have a tight canal. Having sex for the first time can be stressful and women are commonly fraught with anxiety the first time. Please keep in mind that penises come in a variety of shapes and sizes as well so your experience will depend on that. If you decide to proceed with treatment please make sure to have an exam first an a then yes a "laser" like thermiva is the way to go. My patients all like to use thermiva. It is good both for tightening and prevention of laxity and has many other benefits. Best wishes. ~Dr Poucher

Is my vagina loose?

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Thank you for your question.   However, before you spend money on lasers for vaginal tightening ( which are amazing ;) ), I would rather you attempt vaginal intercourse safely of course and then see how it feels.

It is very unlikely that you are loose since you have never had intercourse or delivered a baby.  On that note, vaginal tightness is very subjective and the lasers are not going anywhere fast.  So, first have sex and then let us know.

Best of luck

Is my vagina loose

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Dear Ms Tallyoh:

Thanks for sharing.  No one can tell you if your vagina is loose, only you can make that decision and this decision can only be made by attempting intercourse.  I have never seen a woman in my 26 year career complain of a loose vagina that never had sex or only had sex one or two times and tell me their vagina was too loose.  My partner and I have operated on more than 9000 patients and 99% of these patients have had a baby.  Masturbation is not going to make you loose.   The likelihood that you have a loose vagina is way less than 1% --- the only way you will know is attempt intercourse.  There is a possibility if you have had a back injury which disturbs the nerves going to your pelvic floor muscles but you can not judge loose but looking at it.   Be brave and try to relax.   I hope this helps.

John R Miklos md

Atlanta ~ Beverly Hills ~ Dubai

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