How Long Does It Take for the Average Person to Recover from Seeing Ghosting Following Lasik Eye Surgery?

When should a patient be concerned that ghosting is occuring for too many days?

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Ghosting after LASIK LASEK

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GhostIng after LASIK is often due to flap wrinkles These can be masked over time by the epithelium growing over the flap This process normally takes about a month If you have ghost images or diplopia months after LASIK It's not going to resolve and you're going to need treatment This can be quite involved I used to have to lift and smooth wrinkled flaps Use hypotonic saline to swell the flap Stretch out the wrinkles And sew the flap back down This problem is more common After very high prescriptions are corrected As I'm reshaping the bed with the laser But leaving the flap untouched So there's always a slight size and shape mismatch When trying to put the flap back down This is why I switched to LASEK 6 years ago As by avoiding making a flap You avoid any possibility of flap wrinkles Hope this helps and good luck You can get a LASEK over your LASIK btw 10% of my practice is doing this To fix LASIK complications Don't worry it can only get better not worse

New York Ophthalmologist

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