How Long After Having a Vitalize Peel Should You Wait Before Having a Yag Laser Treatment?

I am having a Vitalize peel and want to schedule a Yag gentle laser some time after. How long should I wait between treatments?

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Yag laser after peel

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it is best to wait until you have completely recovered from the peel. the vitalize peel can produce variable downtime depending on the patient. Some patients may recover in just a few days while others may require a week or more. You should only proceed with the laser treatment after you are non longer peeling and are completely healed meaning no crusting or pink skin is still evident.

New York Dermatologic Surgeon

Wait Time Between Vitalize Peel and Yag Laser Treatment

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Downtime after a chemical peel varies depending on the patient's skin and the type of peel.  I would recommend waiting to have the Yag treatment (or any laser treatment) until your skin appears to be back to baseline (pre-peel) conditions. If your skin is still peeling, crusted, raw or pink (or red) in any areas that were peeled, it is too soon to be having a laser treatment.  Make sure to stay out of the sun and hydrate your skin with bland emollients for optimal recovery from the peel. 

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