How Long After Vaginoplasty Can I Resume Jogging Again?

How Long After Vaginoplasty Can I Resume Jogging Again?

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Jogging and surgery

Guidelines can vary from surgeon to surgeon, and I recommend that you speak with yours directly for advice, but for my patients I recommend at least 4 weeks without intense physical activity after surgery. Although it may seem like a long time to go without exercising, it really is necessary to give your body the time needed to heal fully after your procedure. Rushing your recovery may result in adverse healing and/or a longer over-all recovery time.

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Jogging after Vaginoplasty

With this type of surgery, the healing time is usually 6 weeks.  You should follow up with your surgeon regarding your healing, and listen to his advise on resuming your normal activities.  Good luck with your recovery.

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Exercise after Vaginoplasty

The general recommendation for resuming any moderate exercise (such as jogging) after undergoing vaginoplasty is about 6 weeks.  However, every surgeon has his/her specific protocol so be sure to ask your operating surgeon...RAS

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Vaginoplasty and activity

Vaginoplasty and activity

  1. most activity can resume after two or three weeks
  2. you may still have swelling and some discomfort
  3. always check with your own doctor

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