How long after tummy tuck with muscle repair before I can play golf?

Will I be able to play golf 8 weeks after a tummy tuck with muscle repair? How about walking about 6 miles while pushing my bag on a cart? Could I play sooner if I ride in an electric cart? Thank you for any insights you can offer!

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You should be fine for golf 8 weeks after tummytuck

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the abdominal wall plication part of an abdominoplasty procedure must be protected from significant physical stresses (like sports and heavy lifting) for about six weeks. if you start gradually at six weeks, by 8 weeks you might well be back to normal levels of activity. Be sure to check with your surgeon for his/her specific recommendations.

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Wait 6 weeks after tummy tuck to play golf

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Most important ask your plastic surgeon for advice and follow it.

Generally after tummy tuck with muscle repair I recommend 6 weeks recovery before vigorous exercise. Swinging a golf club will stress the abdominal muscles.

Exercise after TummyTuck

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If you require a significant plication of the rectus muscle, I generally have my patients wait at least 6weeks before strenuous exercise. It takes that long for the muscles to heal and you do not want to stress your core during that time period. When you start back take it slow at first,maybe 9 holes to start. By two months  you should be fine.

Exercise after TT

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You have to ask you doctor first, but I highly recommend my patients about 8 weeks to do strenuous activities, unless your surgery is something a bit more complex or multiple, probably wait for another 4 weeks.
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Golf at 6 weeks after abdominoplasty

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Thanks for your question. At 6 weeks I don't restrict my patients. Golf may still not be comfortable with full swings at that point, but you won't be able to disrupt your muscle repair. You should be able to chip and putt at 3-4 weeks. Best of Luck!

Golf after tummy tuck

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Dear lookahead,

You should check with your surgeon for the definitive answer but in general most plastic surgeons would recommend 6-8 weeks off before vigorous exercise.  Good luck.

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