how long should I wait after Total FX before I have another procedure?

I had total FX done in January, and see no results at all,wanted to see less wrinkles, maybe some thightening.. how long should I wait to possibly try another procedure... Clear-Lift /Reaction a radio frequency lasor that heats up the skin to help tighten? Will this do anything at all , if no results from the FX?

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How Much Time Should You Wait for the 2nd TotalFX Treatment?

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You may not see results but if you had a TotalFX procedure performed, I assure that you, that if done correctly, some skin changes are there. I would recommend that you check with your provider and see what the before photos look like compared to what is going on with your skin now. Most of us would recommend that one wait about 6 months before having another ablative kind of procedure, but the things you are mentioning, such as RF skin tightening or ClearLift skin tightening, can be done at any point now. Consult with a board certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon to learn your best treatment options and skin care options to make sure that you are maximizing your skin following the procedure you had done.

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