How Long After Rhinoplasty Can I Use Anabolic Steroids?

Ive had Rhinoplasty done 4 weeks ago. I just started lifting weights again but want to know if taking anabolic steroids/Test-e and Dianabol would make my nose more swollen??; because I know from experience steroids adds water weight and my face becomes puffy. Before I jump the gun and start using steroids, I would like to hear some advise. [I know anabolic steroids isnt safe, but I am going to take it Regardless. I just want expert opinions on how long it is before its safe for my rhinoplasty)

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Rhinoplasty and Anabolic Steroid use

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First, for numerous medical reasons, I would counsel you NOT to use anabolic steroids.  If you have had a rhinoplasty within the last 4 weeks and had nasal bone in-fractures, the bones are not fully healed.  The use of anabolic steroids could compromise the healing of these nasal bones.  Again, I would advise not to use them in your situation.  Check with your surgeon first.  Best wishes.

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