How Long Do I Need To Wait Until I Get A Revision Surgery For a Collapsed Nose?

I had septrorhinoplasty 5 weeks ago. My nose has collapsed. Due to see consultant next week. How long due you have to wait for a corrective proceedure to be done. Could it be done within the next month or so. With Regards Elizabeth.

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When to have revision rhinoplasty for collapsed nose

Every situation is unique but we typically recommend waiting at least 6-12 months before undergoing revision nose surgery. This allows the tissues to heal and the scar to soften.

If something is obviously wrong it may be reasonable to proceed soon. I would discuss these issues with the consultant you are set to see.

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How long do I need to wait for Revision Rhinoplasty for a collapsed nose?

 Pictures would help in the evaluation but typically there's a 6 month waiting period between Rhinoplasties for any reason.  This is ensure proper blood supply has been established to the nasal tissues before another Rhinoplasty is performed.  If this time frame is violated, the skin can heal poorly resulting in an odd cobblestone look that is permanent.  If, indeed, a Revision Rhinoplasty is warranted, wait at least 6 months before having the second surgery.

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Revision Rhinoplasty timing


If it's been 5 weeks since your surgery, and it's obvious that there is a problem especially with breathing, sometimes revision can be performed early such as at 2-3 months.  If there are minor issues, this maybe secondary to swelling that will resolve with time.  If the latter is the case, waiting as long as possible allows the swelling to subside and the scar tissue to mature; generally, we have our patients wait at least a year prior to minor revisions.  Having a dialogue with your surgeon is the best plan of approach for a less than satisfactory result.

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Collapsed Nose Revision

The general guideline for rhinoplasty revision is to wait one year to allow the swelling and scar contraction to occur. This works fine in most cases, but when something is obviously wrong, and both surgeon and patient know it will not get better, earlier correction is indicated. If your nose is really unstable, the sooner corrective action is taken the better your long-term result will be. There are many reasons for a collapsing nose, therefore the exact procedure needed will depend on your specific needs.

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