How Long After a New Tattoo Before It Can Be Removed? The Tattoo is 9 Days Old. (photo)

I am very regretful of what i have done and angry with myself. In my head because its new the quicker I get this started the better is this true? The tattoo is on my forearm and is 2.5cm deep and 10cm long! It is black writing with 3 coloured birds pink, orange and blue. I have looked at different procedures and I'm not sure what will be the best. I live in the UK, is there anywhere you could recommend. What prices should I expect? Any advice will be a great help thank you:-(

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Wait a minimum of 8 weeks.

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Unfortunately you do need to wait at least 8 weeks after getting a tattoo to begin removal treatment. Your body is in the process of healing and treating too soon increases the incidence of unwanted side effects. The avergae adult skin cycle somewhere between 35 and 57 days (depending on mutliple factors) and with mcrophages in the process of removing some of the original placed ink so time is necessary in this case. My area of expertise is lser tattoo removal (I co-authored the Kirby-Desai Scale) and speak with great experience on this matter. Please wait the appropriate time before getting started and you'll be happier in the long run. Best Regards, Dr. Kirby

Manhattan Beach Dermatologic Surgeon

Laser Tattoo Removal

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Thank you for your question.

You may begin laser tattoo removal whenever you are ready to start.  You do not have to wait.

To be sure it is safe for you, see two or more certified providers in your area.

Best of luck. I hope this helps.

J. Jason Wendel, MD, FACS
Nashville Plastic Surgeon
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