How Long After my Liposuction May I Exercise Again?

I had HIPS, INNER AND OUTER THIGHS AND KNEE liposuction last month, I want to do exercise again, but some one told me I should not do exercise on the areas that I did liposuction on.Also I want to know CAN I start my dieting after one month?

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How long before you can exercise after having liposuction?

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Dear hlnaz59

First, I would recommend that you have this conversation about returning to exercise with your plastic surgeon.

That being said, assuming everything goes perfectly, there are no delays in healing, etc. I allow my patients to return to exercise in 4-6 weeks after liposuction.

As for resuming your diet, I tell all my patients that it is extremely important to maintain a healthy diet and exercise before you have surgery and indefinitely after surgery. So, as long as your not dieting by so called "crash dieting", you should be dieting right now! That is, getting a healthy  mix of vitamins, minerals, high protein, low fat, and "good" carb diet!

Best to you.

Should ask surgeon

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You should ask your surgeon because they know more about your surgery. Because you had those areas done, you may need to wait a little longer than usual.

Exercise after liposuction

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Generally speaking, after one month post op most patients are safe to resume exercise.  A visit to your plastic surgeon is recommended first though.

Be sure to start slowly and progress back to your normal routines.

Good luck!

Mennen T. Gallas, MD
Katy Plastic Surgeon

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4 to 6 Weeks before Resuming Exercise after Liposuction

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    I generally recommend 4 to 6 weeks before resuming exercise after liposuction.  However, this depends upon the amount suctioned and the healing process. 

Liposuction and exercise

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In my practice, for most surgery I have patients wait 3-4 weeks to start aerobics. For liposuction patients, I usually have them wait about a week.  Speak to your surgeon.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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How Long After my Liposuction May I Exercise Again?

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Thanks for the question. It varies from surgeon to surgeon. I let the patient start exercises as soon as he or she is comfortable and the bruising is within control. It can be 2 weeks after lipo or 4 weeks after lipo. I use compression garment up to 3 months to end up in a uniform surface. Endermolgy or ultrasonic massage is also recommended for some patient if patients can afford it. Wish you good luck.

Exercising After Liposuction

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  Dear hlnaz59,

   I agree with my colleague that the first person you should speak to is your operating surgeon. In my practice, I allow patients to begin light exercise at 2 weeks and more strenuous exercise at 3-4 weeks. We also begin external ultrasonic massage to the treated areas at 2 weeks post-op. Your question about dieting really depends on what kind of diet you are considering. I would consult your surgeon and family physician as well to make sure that any diet you are contemplating is healthy. Good luck.

Dr. G.

Douglas L. Gervais, MD
Minneapolis Plastic Surgeon
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