How Long After a Lower Eye Lift Can I See my Kids (Ages 2 & 4)?

How many days after having a lower eye lift would you reccommend that I wait before seeing my kids? They are girls ages 2 & 4 and very socially observant. What would be best for their experience of the situation?

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Lower eye surgery recovery period

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I think this answer depends on if you're trying to keep them from knowing you had surgery or not and on exactly what would be done during your surgery.  If you were only having surgery to remove some of the fat of the lower eyelids, this can be done using an incision on the inside of your lower eyelid, so that no incision would be visible.  It is possible to have some bruising, but this does not always occur.  The swelling is usually minimal if you use ice on and off for the first few days.  If you are having the skin tightened on the lower eyelid, this normally would require an incision just below your lashes.  Sutures placed there would need to be present for about five to seven days.  If you do develop some bruising from the surgery, it could last a few days or a week or so.   

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A week should be enough

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Most of the swelling and bruising will be gone by week 1, but they will still probably know you look a little different.

2 weeks will be safe, but can you stand being away from the them for that long??? :)

A.J. Amadi, MD
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