Revisions and Erythema Ab Liporaspiration After Liposuction

I'm 2 wks post-op to lipo on u/l abs, i/o thighs, hips & knees, & breast lift w/ aug. I have lumps & rippling in my abs & hard spots all over abs, sides & i/thighs, & my rt side (hip & thigh) is SIGNIFICANTLY larger than the other & mis-shaped so I know I'm going to need revisions on that side for sure and maybe my abs. How soon can revisions be performed? I also have burn type marks on i/thighs that hurt a lot & might be Erythema Ab Liporaspiration from what I've read. How do I know if I have Erythema Ab Liporaspiration.

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Normal post operative liposuction course

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Normal post operative liposuction involves swelling, bruising, and irregularites. Your discoloration looks more like bruising than erythema ab liposuction which usually is pink, not bruise, and develops long term. Bruises usually go away in three to four weeks. Please see your surgeon and express your concerns as they may reassure you better than internet comments.

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Results after Liposuction

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What you are describing is a normal post operative course after liposuction. Swelling, bruising, scar tissue, lumpy bumpy, asymmetry, etx is expected at this time. It takes at least 6 weeks to see improvements and up to 6 months for scar tissue to resolve and final results to be apparent. Please be patient. Revisions are not performed before 6 months for this reason. Make sure your weight remains stable so accurate assessment of the final results can be obtained.

2 Weeks TOO EARLY To Make Accurate Assessment

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When you undergo extensive liposuction, it really takes 2-3 months to fulls see your results.  Two weeks is way too early to see the desired results.  At two weeks, you are still bruised and swollen from the process.  If you are having some skin irritation, then I would apply some topical antibiotic ointment to the area twice a day until it resolves.  You shoul also be wearing a compression garment for at least 6 weeks to get rid of the swelling, bruising, and help tighten the skin.  Give your self at  least three months before considering any sort of revision.  I hope this helps.

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