How Long After You Have a Breast Lift Will It Look Normal?

I have a friend who had a breast lift without an implant and it's been weeks now and one is bigger than the other. It's hard and swollen and the other one is not. Will it go away and be like the other soon or did something maybe go wrong?

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Breast lift and firmness

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Without an exam it is diffiucl tto say why one breast is firmer than the other. There are so many  potential reasons for this- hematoma, infection, seroma, edema, to name a few.

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Breast Lift

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It is unclear why one side of your friend's breast lift is hard, swollen, and bigger after a breast lift without an implant.  Generally, the shape and size of both breasts should be symmetric at the end of surgery although sometimes, more swelling may occur on one side due to several reasons.  Some of the reasons may include an uneven chest wall, or chronically sleeping on one side.  The other concerning reasons could be from bleeding or infection.  I would strongly advise your friend to seek her surgeon's evaluation as soon as possible to rule out any problems that could be the reason for one side to have unusual symptoms.

Ghada Y. Afifi, MD, FACS
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