How Long After Juvederm Can a Fat Transfer Be Done?

I'm considering fat transfer but since I needed a quick remedy for nasolabial fold had to use juviderm. The result always seems to be less in 3 to 4 days. How long do i need to wait before a fat transfer? coz i don't want to not address the nasolabial fold and at the same time have it look overdone.

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Fat graft

You need to make sure that filler is the right way to address your aging issues.

As for timing of fat graft, you can wait 4-6 months till the filler has completely gone, or you can have the hyaluronic acid disolved and then can undergo the fat transfer next day

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There is no magic time

It is hard to determine when the best time is for having your fat transfer.  Typically juvederm in the nasolabial folds will  last about 4-6 months.  By waiting a few months a significant amount of the juvederm will probably have faded. Depending upon how much was placed your physican should be able to estimate how much fat to place in the cheeks and nasolabial fold area.  

For most patients, deepening of the nasolabial folds is actually a result of losing volume in the cheek area.  This is the primary area for fat transfer and by placing the fat here, there will be a significant correction in the nasolabial folds. So again, your physician should be able to place fat (volume) in your cheeks and correct your NLFs with or without residual juvederm in the NLFs.

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Fat Transfer Timing After Juvederm Injections in Nasolabial Folds


You should be able to  undergo fat transfer to your face relatively soon after Juvederm, depending on your physician's philosophy.  Discuss your concerns at each consult.  The correction of the nasolabial folds during fat transfer is usually from the placement of fat in the cheeks, not from placement directly into the folds.  A small set amount of fat is usually injected into the NLFs.

Good luck and be well.

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