How Long After a Gastric Bypass Will I Have to Follow Up with my Dr?

I know that I will have to have follow-up appointments with my Dr. However, I've heard that follow-ups have to be for life? I'm worried that this will be expensive and I won't be able to afford all of the follow-up after paying for the procedure itself.

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Follow up after surgery

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Every bariatric surgeon has a different schedule for follow-up. One thing is universal though, that all bariatric patients should follow up with their surgeons for life.  

My patients follow-up schedule is 2 weeks postop, six weeks postop, and every three months for the first year, every 6 months for the second year and then yearly after that.

Long Island Bariatric Surgeon

Follow-up after gastric bypass

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We believe that a regular follow-up leads to the best results.  We like to see our patients every month for the first year after bariatric surgery and then less often after the year if doing well.  Studies have shown the better follow-up leads to better results.  We see the patients for the rest of their lives.

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