How long after a full tummy tuck and breast lift can I do an arm-lift? Both surgeries went smoothly and I'm feeling good at 4wks

I've lost 70 lbs and have some excess skin I'd like to get rid of, so that afterwards I can lose 5 more pounds and tone up and hopefully finally have the body I want! I'd like to do an arm-lift and have some liposuction of my inner thighs and a small amount on my "bra-back fat" area. 1)How long should I wait to do these after my TT? 2)Can I combine all 3? If not, what would be a good way to divide up these things. 3)How will the recovery/pain compare to my TT? 4)How much down-time will I need?

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Skin Tone

Dear FinallyDoingMe, You mention you have lost 70 pounds, but I don’t have a picture to see what kind of skin tone you have or how old you are which will directly reflect itself upon your skin elasticity. In addition, you did not mention whether or not you had bariatric surgery, and if you did, by definition this puts you in an almost starvation mode in order to lose the weight, and that will have a direct effect on how quickly you heal as well. In general, I split up multiple procedures by six weeks minimum to allow the body to recover so that you can face your next elective surgery with the best chances of a good outcome. Regarding your specific question about your inner thighs and such, the skin tone will have a direct effect on whether liposuction by itself is the answer or an inner thigh lift. Best of luck to you. Robert D. Wilcox, M.D.

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Multiple surgeries can safely be done in one stage in a healthy patient

You can have arm lift and liposuctions any time.  Both these surgeries are less involved than tummy tuck.  However because of your weight loss you are more likely to need thigh lift and not liposuction of thighs.  Excess skin needs to be removed to have adequate result.  

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