How Long After Expander Exchange is Nipple /areola Done?

I am waiting for August to arrive so I can finally be rid of these painful expanders and have my implants. I am a small framed woman and I was and will be a 38D again. I want everything done yesterday. What a journey from diagnosis to nipple/areola surgery. How soon after final implants can the mound begin? My PS says 6-9 months! That is a long time to wait.

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Wait Time for Nipple Reconstruction

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Congratulations - you are almost at the finish line.  I generally like to waist approx 3 months or more.   Best of luck.

Nipple areola procedure after implant exchange

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One the tissue expander is removed and the permanent implant is placed, you probably need to wait at least 3 months or longer until the nipple areola complex can be performed.

Timing from tissue expander removal and implant placement to nipple areolar reconstruction

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Removal of the tissue expanders and placement of the breast implants is a milestone in each woman's implant based reconstruction.  In some cases, the nipple reconstruction is done at the time of implant placement.  In other cases, the nipple reconstruction is done 6 to 12+ weeks later to allow for a settling of the implant position on the chest wall.

The areolar reconstruction can be done with a skin graft or with a tattooing technique.  If a skin graft is chosen, it is usually placed at the time of nipple reconstruction.  If tattooing is chosen, it is usually performed 4-12 weeks later, depending on the healing of the nipple.

Breast Reconstruction

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You have gone through a lot. It is understandable to want to get to the finish line.

You have trusted your plastic surgeon in the reconstruction process. Trust him/her in their judgement to time the final surgery.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Expander exchange and nipple /areola reconstruction

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Within 3 months on average. But your reconstructive surgeon is best to advise you on this issue. Please discuss with him.

Best of Luck from MIAMI DR. B

Nipple areolar reconstruction

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Besides giving the tissue time to heal and resolve swelling and bruising, it is important to wait to see where the final position of the implant and soft tissue will be so as to be able to local the position of the nipple appropriately. Usually it is at least three months. Some situations are easier since the nipple can be simply located at the old site, in skin-sparing time of mastectomies and some are done immediately at the time of the first reconstruction.

Robin T.W. Yuan, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

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