How Long After Endobrow Before I Can Go Scuba Diving? (photo)

My doctor said it would be okay at 7 weeks, but I'm now at 3.5 weeks, and the surgery seems to have failed. Brow is heavy and drooping. Concerned about mask and pressure at depths to 110 feet. The first available appointment isn't for another 1.5 weeks.

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Browlift and recovery

I would agree that 6-7 weeks should be good. The mask could be an obvious problem with the pressure. 

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How long to wait before scuba diving after endo brow lift?

While I cannot comment on the results of your procedure without seeing pictures of you before the surgery, it is still relatively early in your recovery and your appearance most likely will still change.  Since your particular surgeon has the most information about your procedure, I would definitely follow his or her advice and wait 7 weeks before scuba diving.    

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