How Long After a Brest Reduction Should I Wait to Get Pregnant?

My breast reduction was 2/10/11. I didn't think i wanted to have kids so soon but for some reason i want kids now well i wanted TTC in novemeber of 2011 is that to soon after my breast reduction?? I'm just not sure how long after a reduction shall you wait to TTC? I do no that my new breasts will change during pregnancy and that does scare me a little i was a DDD before surgery and am now a C so i'm told. I absolutely LOVE my new breasts and i will say i'm a little scared i'm going to lose them?

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Breast Reduction and Pregnancy?

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 Thank you for the question and pictures.

Congratulations on your successful breast reduction procedure; it is one of the most patient pleasing operations we perform.

There is no specific reason  related to your breast reduction to wait prior to having a pregnancy.

As you know, your breasts may change with pregnancy,  but should not revert to the original breast size or shape. I would suggest that you try to maintain a healthy weight (under the guidance of your OB/GYN) during the pregnancy. Severe fluctuations in weight may result in significant changes in breast size and/or position.

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AFTER A MAJOR BREAST REDUCTION YOU SHOULD WAIT A MINIMUM OF 6 MONTHS.   Neverthelss after 30 years in breast reduction surgery and many breast reductions, I have certainly seen patietns get pregnant as early as 4 or 5 weeks after the surgery.  It happens.   The patients I have seen with early pregnancy ( at least 10 in first 2 months) did absolutely fine.   Of course thay had breast changes but nothing major happened and certainly none reverted to their old status and none required more surgery.  PREGNANCY SORT OF TAKES OVER AND SOLVES ALL ISSUES.   Some were able to breast feed (30% ) and with vertical-medial pedicle breast feeding may be possible.   I have seen this also in abdominoplasties.   (tummy tucks).  I had a very major tummy tuck with full rectus repair and belly button repositioning etc get pregnant in a month.  I followed her carefully and she didi perfect and her abdomen healed perfect and the pregnancy went prefect.   So I have seen no ill effects on any surgery with early pregnancy.  Some changes but nothing major.   Nevertheless for whatever reasns I tell my patients to wait 6 months but if they have an early pregnancy I feel confidant they will do well.     WAIT 6 MONTHS I SAY.    MY BEST, DR COMMONS

Pregnancy after breast reduction.

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I recommend waiting for approximately 6 months post surgery before pregnancy.  Allow adequate time for your scars to settle.  Engorgement with pregnancy will likely stretch you new figure.  Post breast feeding,  many women lose additional breast cup size.  You may need a lift again after you have completed your  family.

Pregnancy after breast reduction

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It makes sense to wait at least six months after your breast reduction to get pregnant. You may wish several normal cycles after anesthesia and can discuss the issue with your OB. Of course plan ahead and discontinue medications that are not essential, and vits may be helpful. Your breast reduction will not be ruined by pregnancy though do expect tenderness and engorgement.

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How Long After a Brest Reduction Should I Wait to Get Pregnant?

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Not sure what a TTC is, but I dont see any reason that you need to wait to get pregnant.  Your breasts are going to change during pregnancy, however this is not going to be different whether you get pregnant now or 5 years from now.  Your breast size will change with hormonal stimulation from pregnancy and if you choose to breast feed, but will decrease after you are no longer pregnant or breast feeding.  You should be mentally prepared that you may need a breast lift after having children, but it would be highly unlikely that you would need another reduction.  So if the main issue is that you love your breasts, you may want to "enjoy" them for awhile- but you will have to decide when you are ready for children! Good luck!

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