How Long After a Breast Lift/implants Should I Wait to Get a Lower Body Lift?

I have enough money to get a breast lift and implants, but not enough yet for a lower body lift. I lost over 80 pounds and would still like to lose some more weight before the LBL, but with money left in the reimbursement plan I'm hoping to get the lift and implants now. How long would I have to wait after this procedure to get a lower body lift? I'm hoping to get a periaerolar lift with silicone gel implants under the muscle, if that makes a difference...

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Timing Between Plastic Surgical Procedures?

Thank you for the question. It would probably be in your best interest to wait at least 3 months in between procedures. Surgery does involve physical and emotional stress and recovery and it would be best if you are in the best “shape” possible before the second procedure.  Please make sure you are being treated by a well experienced board-certified plastic surgeon and anesthesiologist. Best wishes.

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Body lift timing

In general I have the patient wait about 4 months between procedures. I find this give them ample time to recover from the first surgery and I believe lowers their risk of intraoperative complications. WIthout seeing your pictures its difficult to determine which lift would be best for you. In many cases in patients with massive weight loss, a more aggressive lift is needed. This may include a vertical or anchor mastopexy ( a scar around the areola and down towards the crease).  Also, if you have larger breasts with quite a bit of sag,  I often stage these procedures by lifting the patients breasts first, and then later placing the implant.  This gives the best chance to get a more youthful appearance to the breast.  All implants should be placed under the muscle in my opinion. Silicone gel is also preferable to saline to prevent palpability of the implants and rippling.

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How Long After a Breast Lift/implants Should I Wait to Get a Lower Body Lift?

Several comments, if you are not close to your ideal wait and are still losing weight I would NOT have ANY body Contouring surgery. As you lose more weight your breast WILL lose volume and sag ruining what could have been a great result. This applies as well to the Lower Body Lift surgery - there is NO point in doing it until your weight is stable. Gaining or losing weight after Body Contouring surgery will result in inferior results.

As to when you should have a Lower Body Lift, although it can be done at any time after a Breast operation or another cosmetic procedure elsewhere in the body, it is best if you allowed the operated area to FULLY recover before embarking on another operation. Although I still do Lower Body Lifts, I prefer to do these operations in parts; performing the Tummy Tuck portion first, wait several months and then do the back half of the lower body lift - the Buttock Lift (consisting of Buttock and Lateral Thigh Lifts). The advantages are much faster recovery and much lower risks due to shorter recovery as well as the ability to go back and do touch-up surgery if needed.

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Excess skin after weight loss

I think you are going about this wrong and will be unhappy if continue on this path. You should not have any procedure until your weight loss has plateaued and your body has adjusted to the new weight (about 6 months after reaching the plateau). You need to be at a baseline level in order for your surgeon to plan the surgery and get a reasonable stable result. If you continue to lose weight after the surgery there is a good chance you will need another surgery to accommodate for the extra skin etc. resulting from the additional weight loss.

I can't see how someone could get a decent result with a periareolar breast lift after losing 80+pounds. The risk of scar stretching and distortion will be high even and especially if you place a large implant so you do not have to remove as much skin.

Lastly if you do the breasts first and then the abdomen the downward pull of the abdominal tightening will distort the original breast surgery result pulling the breasts downward. That may not be fixable.

You are much better off doing the abdomen/body lift first 6 months after reaching your plateau weight. The timing of the breast surgery would then depend on the type of abdominoplasty/body lift performed. The greater the amount of skin removed at that surgery the longer you will need to wait between body/abdomen and breast operations.

Before any breast or body surgery you need to make sure your nutritional state is optimal because many weight loss patients have nutrient deficiencies  that interfere with the recovery from surgery.

I hope you realize that this format of posting questions and receiving answers lacks the face to face direct communication required for you to make an informed decision regarding your surgery.

My response to your question/post does not represent formal medical advice or constitute a doctor patient relationship. You need to consult with i.e. personally see a board certified plastic surgeon in order to receive a formal evaluation and develop a doctor patient relationship.

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Plastic surgery timing with anticipated weight loss

Hold on a minute!

Congratulations on your loss!  One of my professional passions is taking care of weight loss patients.  I know that sometimes, there is a great sense of pressure to get the excess tissue removed so that you feel good about yourself and your accomplishment.

Even before you consider the financial aspects, you must consider the physical aspects.  You should not really plan to loose more than about 10 to 15 lbs after surgery as this will tend to compromise final result.  You must be in good health, stable weight, good lab values, non-smoker, and in many instances, get medical clearance.

With an 80 pound loss  your breasts will not likely be amenable to the peri-areolar lift, as I anticipate that there is too much skin to be removed.  So you know, I really don't like that procedure, and the scars with a traditional mastopexy tend to fade and look good-certainly a fair trade compared to the superior (imho) cosmetic result expected with this technique.

Talk to a qualified surgeon, as planning and preparation will take time, and you can get things ready to go in your time frame.

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Cosmetic surgery after weight loss


I highly recommend that patients wait 4 weeks before scheduling another procedure. It also depends on how you lost the weight. If it was done on your own (diet and exercise) or by gastric bypass surgery. As you know, that with the latter a lot of important nutrients can no longer be absorbed. This renders the patient unable to heal properly. If this is the case, then it is best to wait a few weeks longer. I'm also concerned about your plan to undergo a periareolar lift with implants. This technique may not give you the result you are looking for. Let me suggest another option. The Ultimate Breast Lift is one that does not require an implant to give you firm and perky breasts. It also has NO VERTICAL SCAR.  I hope this helps. Dr H

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Waiting between BA and Body Lift

I would wait at least 3 months. This will let your whole body recover. Make sure you eat well after the BA and check to be sure you are not anemic. That will make a big difference going into the body lift surgery.

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Breast Implants w/Lower Body Lift

Hi Katie,

It is best to wait 3 months for your lower body lift post-breast surgery. The incision and type of implants do not affect the situation.  You are smart for losing as much weight as possible on your own.  Good Luck!

Feel free to schedule a free consultation with me.

Dr. Grasseschi, Vernon Hills, IL

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Staging of Procedures and Timing

Hi there-

Most patient should be able to proceed with a second procedure 4-6 weeks after the first.

I would agree with Dr. Johnson, however, that a periareolar lift is highly unlikely to give you a long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing result. Remember that short-cuts in plastic surgery rarely pay off.

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Timing of Cosmetic Surgery

When you are staging multiple procedures, the two main things to consider are the risk of anesthesia and your physical recovery. I have talked to many anesthesiologists about this issue and the general consensus is that three weeks is enough time between procedures from their viewpoint. The other issue is your physical recovery. There is a physiologic stress associated with surgery, which will deplete your energy levels for 4-6 weeks, depending on the procedure. In your case, I would think that 4 weeks would be enough time. You do not have to lose all of the weight you desire before surgery. If you are within 20-25 pounds of your desired weight, go ahead with your plans.

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