How Long After Breast Lift with Implants Can I Return to Classes?

I am a college student, with classes 4 days a week around 3-4 hours a day with small breaks in between. None of the classes are strenuous, or require any physical activity, and I live on campus so I would not have to drive. Would I be able to return to classes around 2 days, or even the day after my surgery? I'm going to try to schedule it on thursday or friday so that I could have the weekend to recover but if I can't I would like to miss as little class as possible.

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Ask your surgeon, but usually a week off is good

This is a question best directed to your surgeon. For my patients, I generally advise taking about a week off of work.

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Time off Work for Student

Each surgeon has his or her own guidelines for recovery. Typically, patients can return to light activity after 5 to 7 days. More strenuous activity may take 3 to 6 weeks. Consult with your board certified surgeon as he or she will understand the scope of the surgery and the specifics of you.

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Returning to class following a breast augmentation

The only activities I would restrict a patient to after a breast augmentation would be not to lift greater than 20 pounds and avoid activities where the breasts bounce up and down for 6 weeks.  As long as you stay in a well fitting bra you should be fine.  YOu also can not drive a car when taking pain medications. Atlanta Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Z

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Breast Lift and Implants Return to School?

   If you had a small implant placed and something less than a full lift, you may be able to return in 2 to 3 days.  However, if you are getting a larger implant and a full breast lift, this time estimation may be optimistic.

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When to return for classes?

Thanks for your post. The average breast augmentation patient in my practice can return to school in about 48 hours. Be sure you follow your surgeons instructions. Best wishes - Dr. Aldo.

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How Long After Breast Lift with Implants Can I Return to Classes?

Most of my breast augmentation patients who are in school or do non-exertional work are back in 3-4 days, unless they choose otherwise from the start. 

Since not everything works as planned, schedule your surgery at  a time such that if you need a few more days you won't trash a whole semester. Thanks for your question, good luck with your upcoming procedure. 

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Recovery Time

You should be able to return to class in about a week or so. If you must go to class during your recovery time for short periods, please keep in mind that you will likely be on oral pain killers that can interfere with not only your driving, but your concentration as well. If possible, try waiting for a summer or winter break when you have more time to recover.

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I think going back to school and classes a couple of days after surgery may be a little courageous. I would take a week off

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Recovery after a mastopexy and implants

You will need to be at full attention in class and going back after 2, (even 4),  days seems pretty ambitious. There is incisional pain which resolves more quickly and pain from the pressure of the implants which takes longer to resolve. I hope these are being placed in the submuscular position as this will provide the best results in the long run but submuscular placement is more painful.  I generally tell my patents to take a week off of school or work following these procedures as getting back to an even moderate activity can backfire and risk increased complications such as hematomas and wound healing problems. You should be off of your pain medications so that you can concentrate in class and your return to your normal activity level, even if you live on campus. Being proactive with your recovery will allow you to get back to your classwork without risking problems. This will allow you to enjoy your new breasts and school. 

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Back in action in 5 days

Most of my breast augmentation patients are back in action about five days after surgery. Two days is probably too quick. Just remember, no heavy lifting for 4-5 weeks.after surgery.

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