How Long After Getting Breast Implants Do You Have to Wait to Pick Up Your Kid?

im getting saline breast implants after i have my baby. (number 2, first is 2 years old) i was just wondering how long is the recommended time to NOT pick up your baby or kid after getting the surgery? thanks!

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Lifting after breast augmentation with implants.

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Considering that a 2 year old could weigh up to 40 pounds, your surgeon could recommend weight lifting restrictions for up to 6 weeks. However, with the proper body dynamics and using predominantly your legs to do the lifting, your surgeon may permit this at an earlier date.

How Long after a Breast Aug can I pick up my kids?

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I recommend to my patients that they are careful lifting their kids for 1 month.  There are cautious ways to go about doing it when absolutely necessary such as lifting from the legs and making sure to keep your arms close to your body.  It is still suggested that you don't lift them for some time to ensure a safe healing process. 

Lifting after implants

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Every surgeon is a bit different, but I usually have my patients wait about 6 weeks before performing heavy lifting.

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