How Long After Active and Deep Fraxel Procedures Can I Get Sculptura Injections?

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Sculptra and lasers can be performed at the same time

Sculptra injections are commonly done at the same time as the Active and Deep FX or any other laser procedure. The lidocaine mixed into the Sculptra provides some anesthesia to make the laser procedure less painful. I usually perform Sculptra treatments every 4 weeks. The treatment can be performed irrespective of the time of any laser procedure.

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Sculptra and Fraxel Repair laser resurfacing

If you intend to do both soon, it makes more sense to do the Sculptra first and then, shortly thereafter, but not the same day, Fraxel Repair.  The Fraxel Repair is ablative (although fractionally) and so wounds are created which should heal before the Sculptra so there is less chance of the Sculptra getting infected.  But Sculptra is injected and its needle insertion points heal virtually immediately so theoretically Fraxel Repair could be done the next day, but you should allow for more time for the dermis to heal so there is better blood flow to support the Fraxel's wound healing.

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Sculptra Injections Combined with Fraxel Procedures

There are no studies or data to suggest there is any interaction between Sculptra injections and Fraxel treatments. Sculptra is injected deeply, below the skin, and Fraxel treatments have their effect within the skin. Theoretically, there should be no interaction between the two. However, to be safe have your Fraxel treatment first, wait one month, and then have your Sculptra treatment.


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Sculptra and fractional laser resurfacing

Depending on the depth and percentage of skin resurfaced, the healing process after a fractional laser treatment may take several days to 2-3 weeks, sometimes longer.  After the resurfacing the face is swollen and scabbed and requires a heavy emolient like Aquaphor to help with proper healing.

Once the swelling, redness and scabbing is resolved and the skin is completely intact, it's fine to get Sculptra injections. 

Both Sculptra and fractional laser resurfacing induce new collagen deposition.  Fractional laser treatments also lead to some skin tightening.  Depending on how much volume loss there is, your doctor will determine how much Sculptra you need. 

Emily Altman, MD
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Active and Deep Fractionated laser skin resurfacing, Sculptra

I am not familiar with the terms Active and Deep with Fraxel.  These terms are associated with the Lumenis Encore fractionated carbon dioxide laser.  The effects of this laser go into the mid-dermis, or middle layer of the skin.  After the procedure, there is associated swelling and redness.  Even after the skin has healed, a healing process takes place that goes on for 6-12 months.

Sculptra is typically injected beneath the dermis.  There are no studies to answer your question in a scientific way, and therefore one must use common sense and logic.  Personally I would usually wait until the swelling and redness have resolved.  This depends on the patient and the laser settings, but may be 2-3 months.  Please keep in mind that the results from Sculptra evolve over many months and require repeated treatments.  Good Luck, Yoash Enzer, MD

Yoash R. Enzer, MD, FACS
Providence Oculoplastic Surgeon
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