How Long After Non Ablative Fractional Laser Do You Have to Wait to Get a Peel?

How long after Non ablative fractional laser resurfacing do you have to wait to get a peel? Ethnic skin.

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Non Ablative Fractional Laser resurfacing and Peels

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It is generally recommended to wait a month to get a peel after non-ablative laser resurfacing, especially in darker skin types.

Miami Dermatologist

The question was how long after fractional laser can a person have a peel

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This is a good question.  It depends what kind of fractionalted device was used.

there are many.  A lighter variant may include sublative or fractionated radiofrequency.  Fraxel resore is an example of a fractionated erbium laser.  It would be best to wait at least one month after a light fractionated device to consider a chemical peel. I also recommend to see a board certified dermatologist to do these proceedures.


If it was a deeper ablative fractional laser such as the CORE or Fraxel repair.  I would wait a longer time such as 3 months.  Also this deeper type of fractionated proceedure should have given the results of a more even texture.  These proceedures are use in place of heavy chemical peels.

Cynthia Golomb, MD
Pembroke Pines Dermatologist

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