How Long After an Abdominoplasty Will the Swelling Be Totally Gone?

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How Long After an Abdominoplasty Will the Swelling Be Totally Gone?

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Most is gone by 4-8 weeks, and usually all is gone by six months. The scar is the one part of the healing that lags, and this continues to improve for about a year. 

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Most of the swelling should be gone by 1-2 months following surgery

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Thank you for the question.  Although you should expect most of the swelling to slowly go away by about 2 months or so there will be a small residual amount of swelling even up to 6 months after your procedure.  The key to a smooth recovery is to follow your plastic surgeons advice which usually involves wearing the abdominal binder judiciously.

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How long does swelling last after tummy tuck

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Thank you for your question. The swelling that occurs after a tummy tuck lasts for a variable amount of time. In most patients, the majority of swelling diminishes after 2-4 weeks. There may be small amounts of residual swelling, but this is usually quite small and not noticable. In some cases, the swelling can persist for up to several weeks. This does need to be differentiated from a seroma, which needs actual drainage.

While the swelling may resolve, it does take longer for the results of a tummy tuck to become final. The skin and soft tissue continues to remodel for several months after a tummy tuck, sometimes leading to continued improvement.

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